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Typed Draft of Short Story

Typed Draft of Short Story

You should have a plan for your short story at this point. Now it is time to put it to use. This week, you must complete a draft of your story, a real or imagined narrative that includes all of the elements of plot and considerable use of the narrative techniques we have been discussing. Your draft should include the following:


  • A focus on plot elements

    • A setting developed using imagery

    • Characters that are developed through their actions, dialogue, and thoughts (if appropriate based on the point of view being used)

    • A conflict that develops and reaches a climax

    • Falling action that shows the response and resolution after the climax

    • A theme that says something about the world/man without expecting action from reader

  • Uses a variety of narrative techniques: foreshadowing, point of view, figurative language (such as analogy), imagery, symbolism, juxtaposition, and/or irony

  • A title!

  • 3 Questions for your audience - what feedback would you like?

    • This could questions about dialogue, action, imagery, or anything else. Do the characters feel real? How can they be improved? Does the conflict and climax make sense? What imagery can be added? Any suggestions for analogies? Etc.
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