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Plan For Short Story

After weeks of reading, annotating, discussing and writing about the short stories of others and some brainstorming, prewriting, and model writing completed on your own, it is time to begin making meaningful progress on a short story of your own. Creative writing can be challenging, so before you turn in a draft, I would like to see a plan of the story you intend to write. This plan should include the following:

  • Introduction of primary characters. What are their most important characteristics, both in terms of their appearance and personality? Include all characters relevant to the plot. Each character should want something; what do they want/what motivates them?

  • Details of setting: Where and when does your story take place? Provide as much imagery as you can that will be used in the story. (Describe the environment as you will describe it in the story, if possible)

  • What will the conflict be and what climax will it build up to?

  • What will the mood of the story be? This is the general atmosphere. Is it light hearted, romantic, terrifying, uplifting, etc.?

  • How can you use irony in your story? Consider verbal, situational, and dramatic irony.