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Personal Experience with Rumor, Prejudice, Fear

Write a personal account of what you know about the effect of rumor, prejudice, or fear. If you have a personal experience where you have contacted these things, I encourage you to share them with me. Have you ever heard a rumor and acted differently as a result? Have you ever made assumptions about others that influenced your behavior? Have you ever been in a situation in which you realized you were afraid of someone else? Or, have you seen these experiences in others, in society, or read about them in a way that allowed you to think about the influence they had over us?

  • Be descriptive of not only situations, but also of people, environments, emotions, and thoughts. 
  • Be sure to include the effect of rumor, prejudice, or fear of others.
  • Do not be concerned that you will be judged if you use a personal experience. We all make bad decisions and act in ways that can surprise even ourselves; what matters is how we think about and learn from our actions.
  • This should be multiple paragraphs in length. You will need to explain the situation, the actions and results, and a reflection on how rumor, prejudice, or fear of others was influential.


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