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Read, Annotate, and Respond to Arthur Miller's Essay

1. As your read the essay, annotate for the following details:

  • How did Miller feel about McCarthyism, and how did it compare with society’s feelings?

  • How was the hunt for witches like the hunt for communists?

  • How did critics and the public feel about The Crucible when it released? What motivated this response?

2. The key ideas (as well as the annotations) will be graded and will be the basis of discussion. DO THEM.

3. Page 135 prompt:

Explain how The Crucible is a social commentary of Miller and Smith’s time by including details from your research and both texts to support your thinking. Be sure to:

  • Provide a clear connection between The Crucible and the social commentary of the time.

  • Develop the topic thoroughly by selecting the most significant and relevant details.

  • Vary syntactic structure by including clearly state claims and complex sentences with embedded quotations. Sentences should have varied beginnings as well.
Later Event: December 9
A Subject for Social Commentary