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"The Flight" Analytical Paragraph

For this assignment, you will select a specific example of John Montague’s word choice in “The Flight” and explore how it addresses a theme topic other than impulse. Your paragraph must:

  • Include a clear and complete topic sentence that includes:

    • a clear TAG (title, author, genre)

    • a reference (but not necessarily direct quotation) to the word choice that is your focus

    • a clear theme statement

  • The major components of an analytical paragraph:

    • the specific example that is your focus, quoted accurately and integrated into your commentary.

    • specific analysis of the word(s) quoted and their connotations

    • brief summary of whole text and examples where needed to provide context

    • connections to other elements in the text that clarify the meaning and effect of the example quoted

    • a closing statement that wraps up the ideas and purpose of the paragraph

Students wishing to stretch themselves should focus on sentence variety: short/medium/long sentences, varied punctuation (dashes, semi-colons, colons), interesting structures (asides, complex sentences, parallelism).

Goals are to develop work that includes a thoughtful, concrete topic sentence with a clear theme statement that is developed carefully with well-selected evidence and detailed commentary.

Exemplary Work will produce a compelling argument that shows incite in its analysis, use of language and syntax, effectively integrating direct citations from the text.

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