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Finalized Response-to-Lit Essay

Page 70 of our Writer’s Workshop packet provides a rubric upon which you will have a response-to-literature essay scored as an assessment of your critical reading and writing ability. The prompt for this piece of writing is the same one which we used for “Harrison Bergeron,” provided here:

You will write a response-to-literature essay in which you examine how the author of the selected story uses at least two literary devices and/or stylistic techniques to convey meaning or theme. Be sure your essay meets the requirements listed on the workshop’s first page.

You may choose to make improvements on a new draft of your Harrison Bergeron essay or, if you prefer to stretch your brain on another text, any other short story of your own choosing that we have not done in class. You will be scored using the workshop rubric. On Tuesday, November 20th, we will be doing a peer review of our current “Harrison Bergeron” drafts, but you may substitute a draft of the alternate essay if you prefer to receive feedback on it instead.

Goals are to develop work that includes a thoughtful, concrete thesis that is developed carefully with well-selected evidence and detailed commentary.

Exemplary Work will produce a compelling argument that shows incite in its analysis, use of language, and syntax, effectively integrating direct citations from the text.

This assignment will be graded as an Assessment and should represent your finest work.

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