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Style Analysis of IR Author

Similar to the assignment from the previous week, you must analyze style. This time, however, you are exploring the style of your author, rather than just the novel you are currently reading. This will require you to look up at least one other novel from the same author. An effective analysis of authorial style will require you to:

  • Identify patterns of word use, sentence type, imagery, mood, tone, genre, character, conflict, setting, etc
    • You DO NOT have to use all of these for style. Select the ones that seem most consistent between novels.
  • Determine how to characterize the author by the patterns you see. 
    • Does your author primarily put emotionally fragile heroines in physically demanding conflicts? 
    • Do his settings and plots reveal an interest in the unreal? 
    • Can her plots be described as grim road trips through common fears?
    • Do their diction and imagery highlight the conflicts facing the protagonists?
  • Remember that your response must be fully developed. 
    • Include an introduction paragraph that identifies your source, provides some context, and makes a statement which you will prove (that thesis). Be sure to identify the novels being used!
    • Use support paragraphs that prove your thesis point by point, with each paragraph having its own purpose and topic
    • Conclude with a statement that wraps up main ideas and clarifies the significance of the style and/or author you have explored
  • Reference the Sample Style Analysis Essay in Springboard if you need a model.

ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENT: If you analyzed the style of a short story collection by one author last week, you’ve already done this (roughly). SO, instead I would like you to compare the style of that author’s short story writing with their novel writing. Are there similarities? Are there difference? You are still writing about style, but this is a style comparison!

Note: you do not have to have read two novels by the same author! I encourage you to look up a preview of that author’s book on Amazon and read the summary and a few pages. You just need to have read enough to find patterns.

Goals are to show an understanding of style by identifying elements of style from the text, and to write a well-formatted essay that introduces, supports, and concludes.
Exemplary Work is written with clear attention to grammatical accuracy. It includes well-selected details from the text and shows a command of academic writing.

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