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Style of Independent Reading Novel

Analyze the style of your Independent Reading novel’s author. Style is a collection of the kinds of things the author tends to do. In this case, we are going to focus on the style of their writing (think back to how you attempted to emulate style when writing creatively). Focus on the kinds of sentences, literary devices, and words that are used.

Write a brief summary of the literary and syntactical elements that contribute to a writer’s style. Be sure to do the following:

  • Create a topic sentence that clearly introduces the topic
  • Explain and organize the basic elements of style.
  • Use at least one example of a style or syntactical element to illustrate your topic.

For this assignment, you will use your current IR novel. I would encourage you:

  • use the Sample Style Analysis Essay (page 146) as a model.
  • Identify multiple elements and discuss them, just as the sample does, but DO HAVE evidence from the text

Goals are to show an understanding of style by identifying elements of style from the text, and to write a well-formatted essay that introduces, supports, and concludes.
Exemplary Work is written with clear attention to grammatical accuracy. It includes well-selected details from the text and shows a command of academic writing.

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