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Speak Revision

  • Write in paragraphs.
  • In the first paragraph, identify the author’s name, the text’s title, and the purpose of your writing (something about the author creating an authentic teenage voice using…). In each paragraph that follows: only use the author’s last name or “the author.” Do not use the first person.
  • Body Paragraph(s) - for this assignment, include only the elements (diction/imagery/syntax/tone) that you feel create voice - you do not need to cover them all.
    • When discussing diction: use the words “diction” or “word choice” (and a descriptive adjective), quote only a single word or a short phrase, explain when the word was used, and describe how the connotations of the word create an authentic voice. (You may choose to make diction its own paragraph)
    • When discussing imagery: use the words “imagery” (and a descriptive adjective) or describe any of the five senses, quote a group of words that create an image (not a whole sentence), explain when the image was used, and describe how the focus of the image creates an authentic voice. (You may choose to make imagery its own paragraph)
    • When discussing syntax: use the words “syntax” or “sentence structure” (and a descriptive adjective), quote the majority of a sentence or just describe the contents of the sentence (paraphrase/summarize), explain when the sentence was used, and describe what details of the structure of the sentence help create an authentic voice. (You may choose to make syntax its own paragraph).
    • When discussing tone: use the word tone (and a descriptive adjective) or use just the descriptive adjective (“the narrator is deceptive toward…”), choose a few words, phrases, or just describe the elements that create the tone, and explain why this tone helps create an authentic teen voice. Consider discussing multiple tones! (You may choose to make tone its own paragraph).

Goal is to develop an academic writing style and structure, using academic style effectively and ordering ideas to effectively convey meaning.
Exemplary Work uses quotes as part of paragraph, is thorough, and demonstrates control of conventions.

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