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Analysis of Commercial's Cinematic Techniques

When a director chooses to use a particular cinematic technique, they are doing so because the use of that technique will have just the right effect on the audience. The correct camera angle might suggest a relationship or history between two characters, and a particular set of diegetic sounds may create a familiar, chaotic, or uncomfortable feeling in the audience. Every choice is intentional. Commercials for products are just as carefully produce, with one exception: each choice is supposed to make you more likely to buy a product. Your assignment is to find a current commercial (on TV or online) that is attempting to sell a product (jewelry, a car, clothes, food, prescription medicine, anything) and analyze its use of cinematic techniques. This must be current advertisement for a current product (so don’t just go to Youtube and search “best commercial LOL.” You must:

  • Analyze the cinematic choices made to influence the audience's interest in the product
    • Identify at least 3 cinematic techniques.
    • Detail exactly what the techniques used are, describe their use to serve as textual evidence, and comment on exactly how their use has a particular effect on the audience.
  • Use the proper structure of a well-developed response.
    • Include an introduction that identifies the source being discussed, the subject of the discussion (what is the particular effect on the audience), and the tools being used.
    • Use body paragraphs that are developed around a particular effect or tool. Textual evidence must be used and commentary (the analysis) must be the majority of the response.
    • Conclude by noting the main points and a final point that wraps things up (you might comment on how effective the commercial actually is, for example).