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Burton's Use of one Cinematic Technique Category

Consider the cinematic techniques that you have found evidence for in the Burton films we have seen so far. What patterns have you noticed in his use of cinematic techniques? Does he use framing, angles, camera movement, lighting, sound, or editing in consistent ways? Does he continually create the same kinds of effects? Your assignment is to choose one of these six categories and write a paper analyzing how Burton uses the techniques of that category to create a particular effect. To be clear, you are not writing about all the different ways he uses those cinematic techniques; instead, you are writing about how he consistently uses them to create a particular effect. You must:

  • Clearly identify the following in the introductory paragraph:
    • The director (Tim Burton)
    • The films being referenced
    • The category of techniques to be analyzed
    • The particular, specific effect he creates
  • Be sure to focus on interpretive effects, not literal effects. This means that “characters that look large” or “strange-looking settings” are not the end-point of your perspectives are challenged, or an indefinite number of other possible effects.
  • Use specific examples of cinematic techniques from Burton films and pair them with close analysis



Later Event: February 20
Analysis of a NEW Cinematic Category