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Mood in Independent Reading Books

To ensure that readers experience their work in the way that is intended, authors carefully choose diction, imagery, and other details that build a general atmosphere or emotion into their work. This is called mood. For your homework this week, you are to carefully consider the independent reading books you are currently reading to identify its mood and write an analysis of how it is created by the author. (If you just finished a book, you can use that one if you wish.) Be sure to:

  • Introduce the the author, text title, and mood, and make a clear thesis that states the mood and which elements (such as diction, imagery, juxtaposition, symbol, etc) are used to accomplish this
  • You may choose to use the following frame sentence.
  • In ___(name of text)___, ___(author name)___ uses __(1st element used)__, __(2nd element used)__, and __(3rd element used)__ to create a mood of __(one type of mood)__, and __(second type of mood)__.
  • Modify this sentence as needed.
  • Include support that identify specific words, images, or other details that create a mood and explain how those details specifically contribute to the mood
  • Use multiple examples, with each example having 1-3 sentences explaining its effect.
  • Include a conclusion that restates the main points