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Comparison of Three Cinematic Techniques

Consider three cinematic techniques used in Big Fish that you found especially significant and / or effective and compare their use in another filmed text. You will need to find any filmed text of your choice - it can be a movie, a music video, a short film, or a television show - and find examples of the same techniques used, then make your comparisons about their use and effectiveness. You should consider the following:

  • How does Tim Burton, the director of Big Fish, use these cinematic techniques, and how does the director of your clip? Is the effect the same?
  • Are these techniques as effective in both texts? If one is more effective than the other, consider why.

Be sure to:

  • Introduce the texts, their directors, and the techniques used in the first paragraph. This paragraph should include a main idea statement.
  • In your support paragraphs, describe the scene in which these techniques are used and include how the technique itself is used. You will need to describe what is being shown on the screen or heard through the speakers. 
  • Focus on the effect of the techniques! It is not enough to talk about the same techniques being used, or to talk about similar characters or situations being shown; you must pay attention to the effect of the techniques.
  • Conclude with a paragraph that makes a closing statement about how useful / valuable the techniques are or how directors can use them to enhance their subjects.

For an example of what an essay like this might look like and to ask questions, visit the How I Would Do It blog post on Lydon Teaches.