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Interview with an IR Character

This assignment is similar to the Activity on page 31 of the Springboard text:

...draft an interview with [a] character [from the text]. Answer the questions from the character’s perspective and voice, using details from the text to develop your answers. Try to integrate direct and indirect quotations in your interview.

The assignment I’m asking you to do is similar. Imagine that you are to conducting an interview with an Independent Reading character. You will need to come up with your own questions, and consider the character’s experience and voice in their responses. You should attempt to ask your character questions that relate to the year’s theme of “coming of age.” For older characters - who came of age long ago - you can ask questions about significant events in their life.

The answers to these questions must be from their perspective, so be sure they are written using first person perspective (“I had difficulty… I never thought that…”). Use direct and indirect quotes from the text, and be sure to capture the voice of your character - this requires you to use words or phrases that they do. Keep in mind that this is an interview, so ask questions that require longer answers, and ask follow-up questions for more information.

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