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Orators - Practice Speech for Needed School Change

Create a speech about a change you feel is needed in our class/school that would take approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute to present. This does not need to be a realistic (or even physically possible) change. You should:

  • Use effective rhetorical structures (such as parallelism and anaphora or… CHIASMUS!)

  • Create phrases and use words that stand out and are memorable

  • Consider carefully the rhetorical appeals that should best help your argument (Appeals to emotions? To logic? To Credibility?)

  • Be clear: what is the specific problem, change, and reasoning you need to express?

Goals are to develop strategies for effective argumentation through speech and explore the importance of context in the content of the speech.

Exemplary Work will have no apparent grammatical or mechanical errors with thoughtfully use rhetorical appeals and elements to create a convincing text.

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