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Two Letters to the Editor

Each student will be responsible for writing two letters to the editor in response to two other teams’ news articles/editorials. These are personal responses in the format of a persuasive letter that is intended for publishing. It will be necessary for you to read the editorials and articles of other groups to find a subject that interests you, determine the author’s position(s), and respond accordingly. Each letter should be 100-150 words in length. Effective letters to the editor must:

  • Clearly identify and respond to the author and title of the original work

  • Identify bias, slanters, and/or fallacies found in the original work

  • Clearly state and support a position in response to the original work

  • Intentionally use a fallacy (SB p 257-58). (the Magazine group will need to identify it)

Goals are to carefully read and evaluate the news and editorial content of others to identify weaknesses in argumentation or to clarify our own understanding and to develop a complete magazine section that demonstrates the results of careful research, revision, and collaboration.

Exemplary Work will have no apparent grammatical or mechanical errors and will express perspectives without ambiguity. The template of the magazine section is maintained and the work represents high quality, comprehensive contributions by the entire group.

Earlier Event: February 25
Final-Content Drafts (digital/all)
Later Event: March 4
Completed Magazine Section