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Dramatic Script Final Draft

For the writing assignment due this week, you are to complete a final draft copy of a dramatic script that you and partners of your choice will perform for the benefit of the class. The final draft of this will be a Unit Assessment; the assignment is detailed on page 144 as follows (a rubric is on page 145):



Your assignment is to work with a group to write and perform an original dramatic script in which you make a statement about a conflict that faces society. By doing so, you should be able to demonstrate your understanding of how Arthur Miller spoke out about a contemporary issue (persecution of suspected communists) while setting his drama in a time period with corresponding events (persecution of suspected witches). You must:


  • Provide effective commentary about a current social issue. This might be that the situation is being handled poorly, that the conflict itself is absurd, or something else. Your drama should not simply suggest something is bad or good.
  • Use a setting and a subject that are “parallel” to that social issue.
  • This means that the criticisms you demonstrate in your drama should be able tobe  applied in the current social issue
  • Use a variety of theatrical elements, including dialogue, stage direction, setting, props, etc.
  • Produce a draft that is carefully written to be error free
  • Include dialogue for characters that feels realistic, with each character having their own consistent manner of speaking.

For support in writing this final draft, carefully consider the expectations of the rubric (in Springboard) and review the How I Would Do It post for the rough draft.