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Trial Character Analysis

Choose any character that offers a testimony during the trial (Tate, Mr. Ewell, Mayella, or Tom) and perform a 1-2 paragraph analysis of them. The purpose of this analysis is to define the kind of character they are; your thesis should make this clear. For example: “During the trial of Tom Robinson, Atticus Finch shows, in his careful questioning and exhaustingly passionate closing statement, that he is a man who values justice above any other virtue.” (Obviously, because Atticus is not one of the options, you cannot do an analysis of him. This is just an example of the kind of statement you might make.) Be sure to:

  • Introduce your character in general during the introduction, ending with a thesis like the example (above)

    • You may choose to format your thesis like mine or even start it with “During the trial of Tom Robinson…”

  • Rely only on evidence from the trial itself.

  • Consider the statements of characters and their behaviors!

  • Use the testimonies of other characters in your analysis as well; these may be useful in supporting or challenging a number of conclusions.

Goals are to read closely so as to identify significant elements of character, to apply that understanding of character to the given testimony to thoughtfully consider reliability, and to develop a supported analysis of character.

Exemplary Work will demonstrate a strong understanding of the material covered, of how an author develops character based on their statements, behavior, and the relationships they have with those around them, and of how to carefully compose a response demonstrating this understanding with limited grammatical and mechanical error.

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