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TKaM Trial Graphic Organizer

During the trial of Tom Robinson (ch 17-21), you are to keep exhaustive detail of the testimony of Tate, Mr. Ewell, Mayella, and Tom. For each, you will attempt to identify what really happened and what did not, as well as who is reliable as a witness (and why). For this purpose, you will use the graphic organizer on the back of this homework sheet. For each speaker, you will try to identify what details seem likely to have happened and which did not. (Fill each column out as you find information to add to it. It is expected that, as you get more information, you cross out facts/falsehoods and move them into other categories; do not erase them! Additionally, you will identify each speaker’s use of testimony before finally deciding how reliable they are as a witness.

Goals are to read closely so as to identify significant elements of character, to apply that understanding of character to the given testimony to thoughtfully consider reliability, and to develop a supported analysis of character.

Exemplary Work will demonstrate a strong understanding of the material covered, of how an author develops character based on their statements, behavior, and the relationships they have with those around them, and of how to carefully compose a response demonstrating this understanding with limited grammatical and mechanical error.

Note - The graphic organizer can be downloaded from the Documents and Downloads page.

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