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Analysis of All the Light We Cannot See character

Using our in-class activities (discussions, single-paragraph outline) as a model, write an analytical paragraph about either Marie-Laure or Werner from All the Light We Cannot See (excerpted in our Pre-AP reader, pp 18-21). I strongly encourage you to write about the character that you did not yet write about for class, although if you are struggling with characterization and would like to improve upon the writing we did in class, you may do so. In your paragraph-length response you must:

  1. Include a topic sentence that

    1. includes a T.A.G.

    2. clearly identifies from where you are basing your conclusions (the opening chapter)

    3. identifies the specific character being analyzed

    4. makes a claim about that character that requires support and commentary

  2. Uses at least two pieces of textual evidence. Be sure to quote short and embed smoothly into your sentence

  3. Identifies 1-2 literary elements that support your analysis of characterization. You might:

    1. select a single word and explore the use of a particular kind of diction, or

    2. identify syntactic choices, such as repetition, parallelism, anaphora or sentence length.

    3. explore figurative language, such as simile, metaphor, or onomatopoeia

  4. Conclude with a sentence or two that wraps up big ideas by commenting on the types of evidence used and their affect on the creation of a character (but avoid repeating the topic sentence). Incorporate how this particular point of view made this characterization possible.

Goals are to demonstrate an understanding of how a specific narrative point of view and the selection of detail within that point of view function to create a character.

Exemplary Work will thoughtfully select appropriate textual evidence and embed it into original sentences smoothly and demonstrate a command of writing conventions.