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Close Read of TKaM Ch 11

Close read annotations will be due on Thursday, April 25th. For this assignment, you will closely read a passage from To Kill a Mockingbird. In this reading, you will examine the role Mrs. Dubose plays in the development of Jem and Scout. Look for signs that she is testing or pushing them, challenging them to behave in ways that make them uncomfortable. Your passage may include evidence that the Finch children are rising to the challenge and showing their growing maturity, and it may show them failing to be mature as well, responding in ways that are childish - BOTH of these are part of the coming-of-age process and should be noted. Consider how Mrs. Dubose might represent ideas and points of view. Be sure to:

  • Annotate - that means mark anything of significance and comment on everything you mark

  • Consider the significance of interactions involving Mrs. Dubose (or her property) as well as behaviors of the children that do not seem to be directly related to Mrs. Dubose: how the children behave away from her could reveal clues about how they behave around her.

  • Make connections! Mark places where details are building on things which have come before.

  • ANNOTATE EVERYWHERE. These pages should come back bleeding ink.

(note: you can download a copy of the Chapter 11 passages from my website, if you lose yours)

Goals are to read closely so as to identify significant elements of character, setting, and theme, demonstrating this understanding by the comprehensiveness of the annotations and the thoughtfulness of the thematic analysis.

Exemplary Work will demonstrate a strong understanding of the material covered and how the author develops theme, possibly exploring why this theme would have mattered in the context of the novel.

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