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Argue a Romeo and Juliet Version

This assignment is modified from Springboard p 376. Now that you have viewed the same scene from different film versions of Romeo and Juliet, choose the version that you think succeeds in capturing the essence of Romeo and Juliet’s first meeting and convincing the audience that their love is real. You may also elect to watch a version not presented in class as well (but be sure you view the party scene where the pair initially meet). Be sure to:

  • Clearly T.A.G. the work. This is a film, so identify the director!

  • Include in your intro context that establishes what is happening in the scene.

  • Introduce a clear thesis statement giving the name of the director and briefly suggesting why this version successfully captures the essence of the scene and demonstrates the reality of their love.

  • Use textual evidence in body paragraphs of specific theatrical elements and their effect to support your position.

  • Use effective organization and a logical progression of ideas to show how your ideas are related.

  • DO NOT compare your selected version with another! This is not a comparison paper!

Goals are to demonstrate a clear rationale for language delivery based on an understanding of the stated and unstated meaning of that language.

Exemplary Work will accurately quote the text by embedding direct quotations into the student’s own writing and make a strong case for the meaning and delivery approach.

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