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Friend/Foil Relationships

Choose one of the friend/foil relationships you read in Act II: Scene III, Romeo/Friar Lawrence; Scene IV, Mercutio/Benvolio/Romeo; Scene V, Juliet/Nurse. Write a paragraph that explains how the protagonist of the scene interacts with their foil(s). Explain the purpose that the foil(s) serve. Be sure to:

  • Identify the scene and name the protagonists and foils

  • Include direct quotations and specific examples from the text to support your explanation.

  • Use a coherent organizational structure and make connections between specific words, images, and the ideas conveyed.

Goals are to analyze the relationships between the protagonists and their foils and emphasize interactions in vocal and visual delivery.

Exemplary Work will accurately quote the text by embedding direct quotations into the student’s own writing and make a role of the foils.

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