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Staging Notebook Check - First 3 Entries

In the course of preparing and producing your performance of a Romeo and Juliet scene, each member of your group must develop a staging notebook. Based on your primary role in the performance, prepare an Actor’s Notebook, Director’s Notebook or a Dramaturge Notebook. Read the description of your notebook (Springboard pages 380-81), noting the key elements. Be sure to:

  • Locate the Staging Notebook just after the midpoint of your composition notebook (where you record books completed & abandoned)

  • Ensure that your first entry is a To-Do list that your group wants you to prioritize in your preparation. This should include what elements of the notebook to focus on and in what order, as well as other responsibilities (such as questions to give to the Dramaturge, concerns for the Director, possible interpretations for Actors).

  • Have two additional entries completed.

  • Include an additional entry for the Meeting Log if you are the director.

  • Have material to add to your staging notebook regularly. We will update it on Wednesdays and Fridays (on Tuesdays and Thursdays you will meet with your group).

Goals are to demonstrate a clear rationale for language delivery based on an understanding of the stated and unstated meaning of that language.

Exemplary Work will accurately quote the text by embedding direct quotations into the student’s own writing and make a strong case for the meaning and delivery approach.

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