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Romeo and Juliet Language Analysis

Select a specific word, phrase, or line that you delivered during the Romeo and Juliet scene your group performed during class (including the original aside), and write a paragraph about the meaning of that word, phrase, or line in the greater context of the scene and how you chose to deliver those words. Your response must:

  • Clearly TAG the work; because this is a play, include the portion of the play it comes from (which act/scene?)

  • Rely on the connotations the word/phrase/line may have. This is all meaning that is not part of the dictionary definition. You may need to consider what the word/phrase/line suggests without saying.

  • Make a case that this word/phrase/line is especially important as a result of its meaning(s).

  • Clearly describe how the word/phrase/line was delivered. Describe the physical actions taken and the vocal delivery. Be sure to explain how the meaning of the word/phrase/line influenced the delivery!

Goals are to demonstrate a clear rationale for language delivery based on an understanding of the stated and unstated meaning of that language.

Exemplary Work will accurately quote the text by embedding direct quotations into the student’s own writing and make a strong case for the meaning and delivery approach.

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Later Event: January 21
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