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Summary of Owl Creek Perspectives

Summarize how the perspective shifts in “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” affect imagery and details.

Consider Ambrose Bierce’s “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” as a whole. Over the course of the story, there are changes in perspective. Sometimes the perspective is near the protagonist and influenced by his emotions and biases, while at other times the story is entirely separate from his perspective of the world. You are to summarize the major shifts in perspective throughout the story and how those shifts change what is described and experienced. Your response should:

  1. Include a paragraph for each section for which there is a consistent perspective. Start at the beginning; your first paragraph could include the entire Part I, or it could end before or after the end of this section. Create a new paragraph for the next perspective, and the next. A single sentence or paragraph could be a different perspective. (you will probably end up with 3-6)
  2. Each paragraph should briefly summarize: 
    1. what is happening while in the current perspective
    2. what emotions or ideas are expressed due to the current perspective
    3. what images and word choices are made as a result of the current perspective
  3. For each perspective, suggest why the above choices were made.

Goals are to demonstrate an understanding of summary, perspective, and selecting detail.
Exemplary Work will be grammatically accurate, syntactically varied and rely on thoughtful observations to create an engaging read.

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