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Photographic Kernel

Complete an exploration and expansion of a photograph’s kernal

Research and select a famous photograph of your choice, one for which you can determine some basic background information. Then complete the kernal activity (using the same format) we have practiced in class. 

  • Select and print out the image at the top of the page
  • Write:
    • The Kernal - a very brief simple sentence that describes what is featured in the picture.
    • The answer to at least three “W” questions (When, Where, What, Why, Who)
    • An expanded sentence that includes the answers to your three “W” questions
    • A complex sentence describing why this picture has significance or why you selected it.

Goal is to demonstrate close reading skills by identifying the central element of the visual text and demonstrate an understanding of complex sentence structure.
Exemplary Work will write with grammatical accuracy and invention.

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