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Mockingbird Context Presentation

In your groups, you will deliver to the class a 10-15 minute presentation that explores the context of To Kill a Mockingbird. You will be responsible for presenting on either the context of the novel’s setting or publication. As a group, you will identify the details of your chosen era that explain the cultural, social, and historical context of the publication. 

  • At a minimum, you must present two topics per person that explore the novel’s context. Your exploration of context must consider:
    • Historical Context: the events that occurred leading up to an event or a time. This generally considers the significance of these events and their effect, both at the time and the time that followed.
      • Central question: How did this event influence what would come after?
    • Social Context: The physical or social setting in which people live during which something takes place. This generally considers the aspect of life in which people interact - the cultures, people, institutions, classes, etc. that are interacted with.
      • Central question: How does this aspect of life reveal important details about society of the time?
    • Cultural Context: The ideology, traditions, and values that surround and shape a person’s beliefs. This generally considers the details that affect behavior, decision-making, and opportunities.
      • Central question: How does this aspect of a people’s identity explain their beliefs and actions?
    • Each topic must clearly comment on one or more of these!
  • You should consider: people, organizations, and events that are significant. You can even consider important art, music, or films if it helps us understand any of our three contexts. Note: your presentation must use audio/visual media to receive full points.
  • Include a handout or question guide for the class that allows them to follow along and respond.
  • You will need to share the presentation with me by Monday, March 13th.


Goals are to set a context for the historical, social, and cultural contexts at the time of To Kill a Mockingbird’s setting and publication, demonstrating an understanding of the role significant events and people play in influencing the literary significance of the text.
Exemplary Work will demonstrate a strong understanding of the material covered, with clear connections to the contextual relevance and a presentation that is professional and practiced.

Context of the Novel's Setting

Emancipation Proclamation
14th Amendment
15th Amendment
Black Codes
Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Dredd Scott v Sandford
13 Amendment
Ku Klux Klan (1st/2nd)
Civil Rights Act 1866
The Souls of Black Folk
Jack Johnson
Resegregation under Wilson
Red Summer (1919)
Harlem Globetrotters
Tuskegee Institute Study
Scottsboro Boys
T Shipp & A Smith
Harlem Renaissance
Nat Turner’s Revolt
African Americans in WWI
Great Migration
Birth of a Nation (1915 film)

Context of the Novel's Publication

Executive Order 9981
Brown v Board of Ed
Rosa Parks
Little Rock Nine
Ku Klux Klan (3rd)
Greensboro Four
Billie Holiday
Second Great Migration
Hattie McDaniel
African Americans in WWII
Executive Order 8802
Detroit Race Riots (1943)
Freeman Field Mutiny
Jackie Robinson
Martinsville Seven
Harry & Harriette Moore
White Citizens’ Council
Mississippi Abolishes School
Emmett Till
Freedom Rides
J. Edgar Hoover vs T.R.M Hover & Martin Luther King Jr

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