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Jim Crow Laws Exploration

You are to consider the role that Jim Crow laws had in depriving American citizens of their civil rights by responding the Springboard Prompt on page 205 (although it is re-written here). You should use information you research on Jim Crow laws and the texts we have read in class. Be sure to avoid plagiarism* by using precise citations. Be sure to:

  • Define the term Jim Crow in your topic sentence
  • Include well-chosen textual evidence with parenthetical citations from at least two sources.
  • Provide commentary on the specific civil rights violations: educational rights, social freedoms, voting rights.

Additionally: especially thoughtful responses should consider how these laws would have created an institutional disadvantage for black Americans. That is, how would these laws have made it difficult for African Americans to be successful in America as adults or to make success possible for their children in general.

Goals are to demonstrate an understanding of how Jim Crow laws played an important contextual role in the black and white communities - and America as a whole - in the 1930’s (when To Kill a Mockingbird takes place) and the 1960’s (when the novel was published)
Exemplary Work shows clear insight into the role that Jim Crow laws played during the periods mentioned, using thoughtful textual sources to support their analysis and little to no grammatical or mechanical errors in the writing.

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