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Burton Style Analysis Rough Draft

It is time for you to complete a draft of your analysis of Tim Burton’s style. This draft should represent your finest work, and should be closely edited both for content and for form; be sure to read closely to ensure that you have done the following:

  • Clearly identify Burton’s style in the introduction and support it throughout the essay.  Include a clear thesis that identifies the director, his style, and the tools he primarily uses (what techniques or categories). An especially effective thesis will also identify why he uses this style: for what greater purpose does he return to these tools?
  • Use evidence from multiple films (ideally 3) and discuss evidence from each with reflective commentary. This means you explain your evidence and how it shows what you think it shows.
  • Clearly identify the cinematic techniques being used by name and demonstrate an understanding of them by explaining how they are used in the films and what their effects are. Make sure that if someone read your essay and has never heard of the cinematic techniques you are discussing that they would understand what you mean!
  • Organize your essay logically. Try to organize your support paragraphs so that they talk about ideas in the same order you introduced them in your introduction.
  • Include a conclusion that mentions the main ideas from the support paragraphs and restates the thesis in a new way. Your conclusions should also try to make a thoughtful statement about film or the director in general.
  • Carefully check for spelling and punctuation.
  • FORMATTING for all text (even titles): 12 point font, 1 to 1.5 line spacing, Times New Roman/Arial/Calibri

Remember to CHECK THE RUBRIC. It is on page 186 of our textbook, and I will be using it to grade your work.
There is a “How I Would Do It” Blog Post for this Assignment!

Goals are to demonstrate the ability to identify cinematic techniques and their effects while composing a well-organized piece of writing (introduces its topic, uses evidence, includes original analysis, closes with a conclusion, and is organized so that each paragraph develops a particular idea).
Exemplary Work is written with clear attention to grammatical accuracy and shows a command of academic writing. It includes well-selected details from the text, clearly describes these details to demonstrate understanding of each technique, and includes insightful analysis of cinematic techniques and their effects.

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