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"Stolen Party" Extended Resolution

This assignment is taken from the Narrative Writing Prompt on page 125 of Springboard, which asks that you “Reread the final paragraphs of “The Stolen Party,” when Senora Ines tries to hand Rosaura money instead of a gift like all the other children. This is a powerful moment as all three characters appear to be frozen in time and space. Think about how point of view has created the surprise and disappointment in both the reader and the main character.

Using the story starter that follows, write a continuation of the narrative that shows Rosaura’s realizations, starting with Senora Ines’s final words. Use dialogue, point of view, and imagery, as well as deliberate sentence structure, to emulate the author’s style. You may want to devise an alternative resolution. Be sure to:

  • Use dialogue to convey the experiences and attitudes of the characters.

  • Include precise language, details, and imagery to engage the reader.

  • Include clauses to add variety and interest to your writing.

  • Maintain the limited point of view to show Rosaura’s new perspective.

Story Starter: Rosaura glanced at the caged monkey as she and her mother turned from Senora Ines and walked out of the room. She gripped her money and, turning to her mother, said, “_______________.”

Goals are to demonstrate how authors make intentional choices to create voice and develop meaning in a work and to write a resolution to the story that reveals this meaning.

Exemplary Work will be grammatically accurate with thoughtful imagery and dialogue to create an engaging read.

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