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Confirm Interview Details

  1. By Wednesday you must turn in a plan for your interview. This details who you are interviewing, when/where you plan on conducting the interview, and what you already know about the person.
  2. By Thursday you must turn in at least ten interview questions that you intend to ask during your interview. These should be a printed copy so that you can still conduct your interview without having them returned. If you would like to handwrite a copy for me so that you retain a copy of your own, that would be fine as well. Be sure to:
    • Include questions that will lead you to understanding how their postsecondary experience was important in their coming of age. Your interviewee may not think that it was! However, if they learned anything about people, life, work, their own interests, themselves, or anything else that stuck with them, then the experience absolutely played a role in who they have become. Ask questions that will get you to this level of understanding.
  3. By Monday you must turn in the transcript of your interview. Be sure to:
    • Include the questions and answers from your questions exactly as they were asked. You may want to record your interview to make this easier, but if you want to record the interview you must ask first! Permission is required to record anyone, at any time!

Goal is to demonstrate an understanding of thoughtful questioning and receive a significant body of responses that will prove to be a resource in completing the Interview Narrative essay (due later)
Exemplary Work exactly captures the voice of the interviewee in responses and asks follow-up questions that leads the interview in meaningful, lengthy responses.

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