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Voice in speak

Complete the writing prompt, adapted from Springboard page 12, provided below.

Laurie Halse Anderson was 38 years old when Speak was published, yet she captures a teen girl’s voice through her diction, syntax, and imagery. To explore how, choose two quotes that you think sound particularly authentic, and write a response that explains how Anderson uses language to capture an authentic teen narrator’s voice. What inferences can you draw about the character of Melinda based on these quotes. Be sure to:

  • Clearly identify and quote two segments of the text.
  • Write a detailed response (at least 1 paragraph) for each quote that considers what about the quote is authentic and what inferences can be drawn based on this usage.

Goal is to select and explore evidence that demonstrates: understanding of voice, evidence, and commentary
Exemplary Work uses quotes as part of paragraph, is thorough, and demonstrates control of conventions.

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