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Rough Draft of Mockingbird Essay

You are expected to write a rough draft that addresses the following prompt:

Your assignment is to write a passage analysis of a key coming-of-age scene from To Kill a Mockingbird. After annotating the text to analyze Harper Lee’s use of literary elements in your selected passage, write an essay explaining how the literary elements in this passage help develop a theme of the novel.

To be clear, there are many things you must do to be successful on this assignment. Primarily, you must:

  • Choose and focus on a single passage
  • Demonstrate how this passage develops a coming-of-age related theme
  • Show how literary elements contributed to this theme (lit. elements might include: internal/external conflict, irony, plot/subplot, point of view, voice, imagery, syntax, character/characterization, setting, motif, symbol, diction, tone, foreshadowing)
  • Use evidence from the text: summarize, paraphrase, and quote!
  • Connect your evidence and analysis to your thesis.

Be sure to:

  • Bring in a completed, typed draft
  • Be prepared to have your work read by other students and read the work of other students.
  • Review the rubric on page 250


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