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Analysis of Trial Character From TKaM

Choose any character that offers a testimony during the trial (Tate, Mr. Ewell, Mayella, or Tom) and perform an analysis of them. The purpose of this analysis is to define the kind of character they are; your thesis should make this clear. For example: “During the trial of Tom Robinson, Atticus Finch shows, in his careful questioning and exhaustingly passionate closing statement, that he is a man who values justice above any other virtue.” (Obviously, because Atticus is not one of the options, you cannot do an analysis of him.) Be sure to:

  • Introduce your character in general during the introduction, ending with a thesis like the example (above)
  • Rely only on evidence from the trial itself.
  • Consider not only statements but the behaviors of characters.
  • Use the testimonies of other characters in your analysis as well; these may be useful in supporting or challenging a number of conclusions.
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