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Thematic Analysis of an Atticus Quote

Complete a thematic analysis of an element within chapters 1-12 by Monday, April 17th whose significance is most clear in a statement by Atticus. For this multi-paragraph analysis, you must identify a quote from Atticus that you feel developes a thematic concept within the first 12 chapters. Analyze its development. You might approach this by exploring how what Atticus says seems to prove true, or you may explore how his statements are influential in helping the children make sense of these thematic ideas. Remember that a theme should feel like an observation or a point about the world that the author is trying to make apparent - BUT IT IS NOT ADVICE OR AN EXPECTATION! Be sure to:

  • Consider the example thesis statement in Springboard as a model for the thesis you will write in your first paragraph: “In Chapter 10, Harper Lee uses the killing of the mad dog as a symbolic act to develop the theme that racism is a dangerous threat to any peaceful community.”
  • Use evidence from multiple chapters as evidence that Lee is developing the theme you identify!
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