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Revision of Voice Analysis in Speak

You are going to revise (and that means rewrite) your analysis of voice in Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak. I've given you a guide to doing this.

To effectively revise this assignment, ensure that all of the following are occurring in your response.

  • Write in paragraphs.
  • In the first paragraph, identify the author’s name, the text’s title, and the purpose of your writing (something about the author creating an authentic teenage voice using…)
  • In each paragraph that follows: only use the author’s last name or “the author.”
  • When discussing diction: use the words “diction” or “word choice,” quote only a single word or a single phrase, explain when the word was used, and describe how the connotations of the word create an authentic voice.
  • When discussing imagery: use the words “imagery” or describe any of the five senses, quote a group of words that create an image (not a whole sentence), explain when the image was used, and describe how the focus of the image creates an authentic voice.
  • When discussing syntax: use the words “syntax” or “sentence structure,” quote the majority of a sentence or just describe the contents of the sentence (paraphrase/summarize), explain when the sentence was used, and describe what details of the structure of the sentence help create an authentic voice.


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