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Conventions Worksheet 38, pg 38: Revising Wordy Sentences

The example answers to Worksheet 38 are included below. Please complete the worksheet and then check your answers. Students that correct their work will be given full points. Corrections should be done in red pen. 

Keep in mind that the answers below may be examples. There are often multiple means of completing sentence corrections, and you should do them on your own first. Turning in this work as your own counts as plagiarism, and you will be disciplined for cheating. 


  1. Kill Devil Hill, a narrow strip of land near Kitty HAwk, North Carolina, was the site of their first experiments in 1900.
  2. C
  3. These pioneer flights were witnessed by only one boy and four men, one of whom photographed a flight as the plane left the ground.
  4. Few newspapers were interested in the historic flights, and some printed incorrect information.
  5. Their invention remained unnoticed for the next five years.
  6. The two brothers, who continued their efforts despite the lack of attention, believed that airplanes would one day carry mail and passengers and hoped planes could prevent war.
  7. In 1913, a year after Wilbur succumbed to typhoid fever, Orville Wright received the Collier Trophy for inventing an apparatus that balanced airplanes automatically.
  8. For their contributions to aeronautics, the Wright brothers were elected in 1965 to the Hall of Fame of Great Americans in New York City.