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Intro Paragraph of Scout's Miss Caroline Conflict

The writing assignment this week asks that you write an introduction to an essay analyzing the conflict between Scout and her teacher, Miss Caroline. For this assignment, you will need to imagine that you are writing an essay - don’t worry, you are not writing the whole thing - and develop the introduction that would begin it. This means you are writing one or two paragraphs, at most. The important thing to remember is the purpose of an introduction; this first paragraph must introduce the topic being discussed, engage the reader’s interest, provide context for the thesis, and make a statement that will be supported later in the essay.



Your introduction should:

  • Begin in a way that helps the reader make a connection with Scout’s experience.

    • This will likely include a question, quote, anecdote, or a statement that intrigues the reader.
  • Identify the novel’s author and title

  • A brief summary of the events in the chapter (2-3 sentences at most)

  • A thesis statement at the end that identifies identifies what Scout may have learned from this conflict.