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Conventions Worksheet 19, pg 19: Combining by Inserting Words

The example answers to Worksheet 19 are included below. Please complete the worksheet and then check your answers. Students that correct their work will be given full points. Corrections should be done in red pen. 

Keep in mind that the answers below are examples. There may be multiple means of completing these corrections, and you should do them on your own first. Turning in this work as your own counts as plagiarism, and you will be disciplined for cheating. 


1.     John Steinbeck was an award-winning novelist and short-story writer, as well as a screenwriter and playwright. 

2.     Originally, Steinbeck, who is best known for his powerful descriptions of ordinary people, had once wanted to write romances. 

3.     In 1962, Steinbeck was awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize for literature, which indicated the world's respect for his writing. 

4.     Steinbeck disliked fame and often tried to escape it by returning to Mexico. 

5.     The Grapes of Wrath, Steinbeck's first major novel, realistically depicts the life of migrant workers and their families. 

6.     In Travels with Charley, Steinbeck wrote of his adventures on a trip across America with his old poodle. 

7.     Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden were successfully adapted for the theater and motion pictures.

8.     The main character in Steinbeck's novella The Pearl is temporarily assured of a better life when he finds an extraordinary pearl.