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NEW Choice of 3 Cinematic Technique Prompts

It is important that you become comfortable writing about a variety of cinematic techniques, and so this week you will select one of the following prompts that you did not do the previous week.



  1. How does Burton manipulate camera angles and lighting to create his intended effects?

  2. How does Burton use sound (diegetic and/or non-diegetic) to enhance a scene?

  3. How does Burton introduce  a flashback and why does he use it? What does he accomplish in this use of flashback?


After choosing one of the above prompts, complete a response that does the following:

  • Introduced the author and film text while making a clear statement (thesis) that addresses the prompt.

  • Use examples from the text. This textual evidence should be descriptive of what is happening in the scene. If discussing lighting, your descriptions may include the color of the lighting, where it appears to come from, what is illuminated, what the resulting shadows look like, what is not lit, etc.

  • Make clear statements about the effect lighting use.

  • Support your statements with logical reasoning. Not everyone will perceive your evidence the way you do, so you must convince your audience.

  • A conclusion that wraps up big ideas and finalizes your thesis.