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Write a Modelled Dialogue

There are a variety of different ways to write dialogue, each creating its own feeling and each chosen based on a given author’s style; in Speak Laurie Halse Anderson makes use of colons without speech attribution tags, for example, while Cormac McCarthy never uses quotation marks in The Road, even though he includes plenty of dialogue. For this assignment, I want you to again use a model, this time using an author entirely of your own choice. The dialogue you write must involve at least two characters and should be about the conflict of a story.

  • You do not need to write the entire story, just the section with the dialogue.
  • This dialogue could be part of one of the existing stories you have begun, or something entirely new.
  • I encourage you to look for a model that takes place during a significant conflict.
  • Remember that you are modeling another author: if they mix the conversation with detailed environmental descriptions, you do the same, and the same applies to any other features of the writing (punctuation, paragraphing, etc).


It is expected that all characters involved in the scene have something to say, that the conflict they are struggling with is clear, and you produce between 200-400 words of writing. 

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