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Primary Source on the Value of College

By Monday, find a primary source for details on the value of college. This must be research, a survey, or a study conducted to arrive at conclusions that relate to the argument about the value of a college education. For this assignment you must:

  • Find a primary source of information about the value of college (a primary source is the original source of information, or the group responsible for the original research, survey, or study).
  • Decide whether or not the source is credible (believable) based on the following
  • What kind of research does the group usually do? Does their history suggest a bias?
  • Who paid for the study? Is it a group that would benefit from a certain kind of results?
  • How large and diverse was the population involved? Were only a small group of people from a specific background considered or was there a large group of a variety of backgrounds?
  • Is this source being cited by people or groups that are credible?
  • Summarize the details of the  research that you feel most apply to how valuable college is. Be sure to include the title, the authors (and/or group responsible), the publisher, and the year it was released.

Suggestions: Looking up articles on newspapers or even wikipedia is a great place to start! From here, figure out where their information originally came from and go there for the original source information.

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