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Publication Draft of Interview Narrative

Your assignment is to provide a publication draft of Embedded Assessment 1, which is: interview a person who has attended a postsecondary institution (i.e., a two- or four-year college, a training or vocational school, the military) and to write an interview narrative that effectively portrays their voice of the interviewee while revealing how the experience contributed to his or her coming of age.


You should carefully consider the examples of interview narratives we have read, our in-class discussions of voice, and the expectations of the rubric (page 55 of Springboard).


As a publication draft, your essay should include:

  • A TYPED copy

  • An introductory paragraph that establishes a clear thesis (what are you writing about, and what will you reveal about it?).

  • Body paragraphs that tell a narrative. They must develop character, include a logical sequence of events (beginning, middle, end), and detail a setting.

  • Use imagery to reveal the setting and character.

  • Include direct and indirect quotes to capture the interviewee’s voice.

  • Specific events or experiences of your interviewee that relate to coming of age.

  • A conclusion that provides closure by considering what has been revealed about the interviewee and says something about postsecondary experiences.

  • Grammar, spelling, and organization that represents your finest work


If you need additional support on this essay, please see me for tutoring (Thursday after school).


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