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Interview Transcript

Homework for Mr. Lydon’s English Class - Due 9.11

To prepare for your interview, I want you to write a detailed explanation of why you have chosen to interview the person you will be interviewing for the upcoming Embedded Assessment, including an overview of the kind of experiences or information you hope to hear about. In addition, you must prepare 10 open-ended questions that you intend to ask your interviewee, with a possible follow up or rephrased version of the question (in the event you do not receive a sufficient response).


Your homework must include:

  • At least one paragraph explaining your choice of interview and your expectations

  • 10 open-ended questions for the purpose of the interview

  • 1 follow up question or revised question for each of the 10 questions above


Be sure to:

  • Include details about what you already know about your interviewee

  • Be clear about your history or relationship with your interviewee.

  • Identify what you already know about their post-secondary experiences and what you do not

  • Ask about a variety of experiences

  • Write questions that relate to what your interviewee made have learned from these experiences
Later Event: September 21
Completed Draft of Interview Narrative