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Their Eyes Essay Final Draft

You are expected to write a rough draft that addresses the following prompt:

Write an analytical essay in which you discuss how Zora Neale Hurston’s writing is both a reflection of and a departure from the ideas of the Harlem Renaissance. Include aspects of the Harlem Renaissance that you see reflected in Hurston’s writing as well as characteristics of Hurston’s writing that are departures from selected aspects of the Harlem Renaissance.

To be clear, this is an essay that is focused on how Hurston, as an author, writes in line with and in challenge of the Harlem Renaissance. That means you MUST consider multiple texts from her (not just Their Eyes Were Watching God, although this should be one of the texts). An A paper will attempt not only how her writing relates to the Harlem Renaissance, but will attempt to suggest and support a reason why she departs from the ideas of the period at all.

Goal demonstrate a complex understanding of an artist’s relationship with the period in which she produced her work, the ways in which she was a product of her period and its dominant themes and an independent creator who stood apart from the expectations of the time.

Exemplary Work will thoughtfully select and discuss evidence based on its significance to the text and its relevance to the Harlem Renaissance period, demonstrating strong control of grammatical and mechanical aspects of composition.

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Their Eyes Essay Rough Draft