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Satirists - Draft of Satirical Piece

By Wednesday, you are expected to complete a rough draft of your satirical piece. It needs to be complete, as we will be doing peer revision.. This satirical piece must be one which provides a critique of some aspect of our society, although you can choose whether it is more horatian or juvenalian. Your rough draft must:

  • Include a title

  • Be between 600-900 words (include word count!)

  • Provide clear critique of an aspect of society

  • Use at least 1 cumulative (loose) sentence for comedic effect (underline it!)

Use multiple satirical techniques from page 268 of Springboard. (highlight & annotate them)

Goals are to develop a satirical piece that effectively critiques an issue within modern society using satirical techniques.

Exemplary Work must demonstrate an exemplary understanding of social critique through satire, choosing and effectively using a variety of techniques paired with mechanically and grammatically accurate writing.