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Satirists - Shouts and Murmurs Analysis

The New Yorker Magazine’s “Shouts & Murmurs” section has been a source of satire since 1929, and it makes me extraordinarily happy. Your task is to choose any article that has appeared in this section of the magazine and perform an analysis to determine how the piece fits the definition of satire and what about it makes it an effective work of satire. You should be sure to:

  • Identify the source clearly. Name the magazine, the edition, the article title, and the author.

  • Reference the definition of satire we have discussed in class.

  • Support your reasoning with specific examples from the text.

    • This should include quotations, paraphrases, or summaries of humorous passages, an analysis of the humorous techniques used, and the identification of the implied message - FOR EACH PIECE OF EVIDENCE.

  • Provide commentary that explains the overall effectiveness of the techniques identified and the article as a whole.

NOTE: I have a number of issues of The New Yorker which you may borrow on the I Forgot My Book shelf (please return them!) or you can find a large number of Shouts & Murmurs articles on the New Yorker website.

Goals are to identify and evaluate the use of structural and rhetorical choices in an argumentative text.

Exemplary Work will have no apparent grammatical or mechanical errors and will effectively include quotations to support the evaluation of the work.

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