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Editorial Feedback (Editor Assignment)

The editor is still responsible for improving the quality of the work done for your group, but this time they are not responsible for re-writing anything; they must give high-quality, constructive feedback. These drafts should come back covered in ink! The editor must print out each editorial in your group, and identify the following

  • Mechanical and grammatical errors (mark them on the page, suggest corrections)

  • Confusing sentences or phrases (mark in ink)

  • At least three types of evidence present in the text (reference SB p 251-252) by noting each type in the margins. If there are not at least three, make suggestions in the margins on:

    • Where evidence can be added

    • What type of evidence should be used and where

    • Why this type of evidence would be ideal.


You will need two copies of each marked-up editorial, one for me and one for its original author!

Alternatively, I will accept this digitally. Take pictures of each page of the original version, with edits. Email to me.

I also advise you to complete this assignment early so that the authors can begin revisions!!!

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Editorial Rough Drafts
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Editorial Second Draft (Author)