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Define an Abstract Concept

Define an abstract concept using exemplification and one other definition strategy.

To define an abstract concept, you will need to choose an abstract idea (truth, justice, love, evil, friendship, kindness, hope, etc - I encourage you to choose one that isn’t on this list) and define it.

  • Define by exemplification by finding an image that shows an example of your word in action (a police officer for “Justice,” for example). Try to find a color picture if possible; look through magazines if you have access. Glue or tape this image above the paragraphs that follow.

  • Explain your example in a paragraph that begins with “[Abstract concept] is [description of picture” (example: “Justice is a policeman in uniform.”) and then explains why this is an example of your concept.

  • In a second paragraph, define your concept using a different concept - Function, Negation, or Classification.

Goals are to demonstrate understanding of the definition strategy of exemplification and an additional strategy of the student’s choosing.

Exemplary Work is detailed in its exploration of exemplification and one other definition strategy. The student spends explains the selected details - example, class, function, or negation - at length in at least two paragraphs that show considerable

There is a How I Would Do It post for this assignment on

Check it out if you want a model of how to approach it.

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